Sweet Lies (2015)

Sweet Lies, Rebel Music (Brennus Records)

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Sweet Lies, 2015

A bit of history

Charge’s debut album was made up of songs from former EPs produced by F. Caste (The Arrs, Zuul FX) and of new titles produced Spirou – famous for his work with bands such as Béruriers Noirs and Molodoï.

For the record, the release party of Sweet Lies took place at La Flèche d’Or on May 24th 2014 – This was the least we could do to celebrate a debut album after ten years of existence.

Producer: Francis Caste/Spirou
Label: Rebel Music (Brennus Records)


1 - Alone (3'59)
2 - Fantasy (4'49)
3 - 84 (2'47)
4 - That's It (3'43)
5 - Just Want More (4'22)
6 - One (2'08)
7 - Sweet Lies (2'38)
8 - Ain't My World (3'06)


Ravin (Rythm Bass & Vocals), Sacha (Guitar), Lok (Drums), Lionnel (Lead Bass)

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