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"Ain't The Confinement" [Official Video]


AIN'T THE ONE by CHARGE (quarantined video) Was locking them up a good idea? >Check this out on YouTube... Read more

Back to the Off!


Hey ! You'ill find in the "Photos" secton of the website a serie of photographs of our gig at the Off By Leclerc Clisson, on June the 20th. Thanks goes to L'Esprit Metal for this wonderful serie of shoots! See you in hell guyz! Thanks for your support!... Read more

CHARGE in Dijon!


Charge will be playing in Dijon at the Deep Inside Klub Rock on September the 21st during a MetallicA party! The band will play 2 gigs: one MetallicA tribute show (45 minutes) followed by one Charge gig! The event is organized by the Whipping Dancerz, French MetallicA fan club #232. Facebook event: MetallicA night at Deep Inside Klub Rock (Dijon). Admission is free!... Read more

Charge at Clisson!


We had an incredible day on last 20th of June in Clisson, we played the Off By Leclerc Clisson in the morning around 10 to try to wake up all those beautiful people that were going to the supermarket to stock up some ... foods and drinks! The Off is a true festival inside the festival, and its organization is just awesome, the structure is cool also (this is the first time we played into a truck, that was amazing!) Around 5pm we played a second gig, we covered a few Metallica and Megadeth song... Read more

Charge to play the Off By Leclerc Clisson


Charge will be playing the Off by Leclerc Clisson on June 20th at 10 am, that's a good news, but what is better than this beautiful news? Actually, Charge is going to play a second gig, yeah, but with the famous Ultra Vomit band drummer: Manard! This will take place at 5 pm. Those two gigs will take place in Le Off by Leclerc Clisson festival, on June 20th! Don't miss it if you're going to the Hellfest! More info on Ultra Vomit: Official ... Read more

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