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We had an incredible day on last 20th of June in Clisson, we played the Off By Leclerc Clisson in the morning around 10 to try to wake up all those beautiful people that were going to the supermarket to stock up some ... foods and drinks!
The Off is a true festival inside the festival, and its organization is just awesome, the structure is cool also (this is the first time we played into a truck, t... Read more

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Ain't The One (2019)

Issue date: 2019

Produced by: Francis Caste

All raging and catchy riffs, Charge unleashes its raw, unequivocal sounds on the Parisian rock scene, both in plush, intimate venues such as the Klub and in legendary ones like the New Morning and the Boule Noire.

At the heart of the sound and fury released by Charge, there is Ravin’s edgy and melodious voice, supported by his sharp bass sound; Sacha’s rock and bluesy guitar; Lionnel’s robust and groovy bass lines – yes, there are two bass guitars in Charge! – and Loïc’s thundering, inexhaustible drumming.

The four rocking Parisians draw... Read more

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