Lionnel - Rythm Bass

Lionnel, Rythm Bass

Who is he?

Name: Lionnel
Role in the band: Rythm Bass

Favorite bands

Pantera, Gojira, FFF, Jamiroquai, Newsted, Metallica

Most prefered albums

The Great Southern Trendkill (Pantera), Vulgar Display of Power (Pantera), Highway to Hell (AC/DC), From Mars to Sirius (Gojira), Square Eyes (Yodelice), Planisphère (Justice), Heavy Metal Music (Newsted), Skip the Use (Skip the Use)

Beloved songs

Like a Million Dreams (Yodelice), Travelling Without Moving (Jamiroquai, version Live from Abbey Road), The Call of Ktulu (Metallica, version S&M), Redneck (Lamb of God), Monopoly on Sorrow (Suicidal Tendencies), Suicide Note Part I & Part II (Pantera), By Demons be Driven (Pantera), Flying Whales (Gojira)


Jamiroquai, Suicidal Tendencies, Skip the Use