Lok - Drums

Lok, Drums

Who is he?

Name: Lok
Role in the band: Drums

Favorite bands

Accept, Iron Maiden, Metalllica, Loreena MacKennnit, Pink Floyd

Most prefered albums

Staying A Life (Accept); Piece of Mind, Somewhere in Time (Maiden); Ride the Lightning (Metallica) A Book of Secrets (loreena MacKennitt); The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall (Pink Floyd)

Beloved songs

Metal Heart, Restless and Wild/Son of A Bitch (Accept), Wasted Years, Where Eagles Dare (Maiden), Master of Puppets (Metallica); Dante's Prayer (Loreena MacKennitt); Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)


Accept, Maiden, Metallica, Loreena MacKennit, Pink Floyd